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Dr. Sanjay Tolani
Qualified 20 times MDRT, 15 times TOT, and 5 times Platinum Dragon
Manages clients from 53 countries. 90 MDRT in 2018 ,100 MDRT in 2019 and more than 200 MDRT in 2020
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About Your Family Leader
Why Learn From Dr Sanjay Tolani?
Dr. Sanjay Tolani is a 19-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, with 2 Court of the Table, 15 Top of the Table honors, and 3 years platinum dragon. He became the youngest member in 2003, at the age of 19, and then qualified as the Youngest Life Member in 2012 at the age of 28.

Over the last decade, Dr. Sanjay has been learning from top financial advisors all over the world, consolidating their insights and learning.

He has coached over hundreds of thousands of top financial advisors all over the world. What makes Dr. Sanjay happy is seeing members of his family succeeding and being professional in their line of work.

No matter how good you think you are at presentations, there are proven practices and techniques that the pros use to close their prospect - practices, and techniques that Dr. Sanjay will personally cover.

So if you are thinking of bringing your professionalism and skills to the NEXT level, this Family is for you!

Copy and paste what you will be taught, and the results should will follow
Here's What You Can Expect To Learn:
  • "The Never Shared Before" Presentation Formula: This alone will already set you apart from the average financial planners and even private bankers.
  •  Actionable and Tested Strategies: That helped him qualify every single year.
  • Exact Script and Objection Handling: Which has been proven to work all the time.
  • ​How to SELL to a prospect without sounding too pushy.
  • ​Tips and strategies that can boost your CLOSING RATIO exponentially.
  • ​Exact STEP by STEP to apply after your client has sign the policy.

Listen To Others Who Have Benefited 

"I reduce my presentation time by 80%!"

I use to do a long winded product presentation that last about 30 minutes. And only after learning concept presentation from Dr Sanjay i realized that presentation can be as short and 7 minutes and they bring more messages across to my prospect.
Thank you Dr Sanjay!
Lee Hwa, Financial Planner

"300% Increase In Sales"

As a new financial advisor, i am not sure where to get started. I'm glad i join sanjay mentoring family because the techniques taught by sanjay are practical. I tested out those strategies he share during the family meet up and surprisingly i manage to 3x my sales for this year! Thank you Dr sanjay!
William Chin, Financial Planner

Our Mission: To Raise The Standards of Financial Service Industry
More Than 10,000 Advisors Has Attended The Meet Up!
During our recent event, final sprint 2020, we even had more than 3000 advisors attending from all over Asia! The Mentoring Family is growing every day!
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